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SMUHA Monthly Meetings

Watch and learn more about how this community is run!

Join us for the upcoming San Mateo United October Meeting on OCTOBER 19TH at 7PM hosted by Mackenzie Jacoubek, the new Downtown San Mateo Merchants Association (DSMA) Executive Director. Learn more about what’s happening downtown and any upcoming holiday events in San Mateo! 

March SMUHA Monthly Meeting 

February SMUHA Monthly Meeting

The Reimagine Hillsdale Project

We had our best attended meeting of the year on Thursday, Oct. 20 discussing the Reimagining Hillsdale project. Consultants leading the community outreach effort around the redevelopment of the area including the core Hillsdale shopping center and the land across from it presented their approach, progress and key community input. A robust conversation followed ranging from impact on housing, traffic, neighborhood transition and inclusion, community gathering and so much more. Find out more about the Reimagine Hillsdale project at

SMUHA All-Candidate Forum 2022

As the only organization representing neighborhoods in San Mateo, our officers wanted to enable residents from all districts to get to know all of the candidates running for city council. Residents can vote for one council member from their district, but all five councilors will decide on matters that impact the entire city. This creates a significant reason to get to know who the other council members could be - they will impact your district even though you won't be able to vote for those in other districts. In this two-hour session, we have provided that opportunity.

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